FAQS - Frequently Asked Detox Questions

What are the benefits of doing an herbal detox?

The herbal detox comes with both the Parasite Candida Cleanse and Tummy Teatox. This dual herbal infusion works together to rid the body of toxins, heavy metals, old fecal matter, parasites, candida, gas, bloating, and excess retained fluid.

How often should we detox?

I recommend detoxing every 3-4 months.

How do I prepare the herbal infusions?

Add 2 FLAT tablespoons of the Parasite Candida
 Cleanse into one 32 oz mason jar and 2 FLAT tablespoons of the Tummy Teatox into a second mason jar. Flatten each tablespoon by running your finger across the top of the tablespoon. Do not use a measuring tablespoon. Pour 32 oz of boiling water into each glass,
 seal the lid and allow the infusion to steep overnight.

When do I begin drinking the herbal infusions?

Begin drinking the herbal infusions when you awake and throughout the day. It does not matter which herbal infusion you drink first. Just be sure to drink them separately and twenty minutes apart. You are allowed to drink each herbal infusion over the course of an hour, however, it is better to drink
 them in small amounts throughout the day.

If I’m already plant-based and/or eating healthy and exercising is it necessary for me to detox?

Yes. In the years prior to you becoming plant-based, you accumulated layers of toxicity, bowel waste, mucus, and acidity in your body’s tissues. Although a plant-based lifestyle is healing the herbs in this detox is far better at eliminating toxicity. In addition, everyone who takes showers in tap water, breaths
 inner air, eats fruits and vegetables that are not organic will still accumulate toxicity.

What should I expect during the detox?

As toxicity is released from the tissues into the blood and mucus and bowel waste are removed you may experience a dull headache, slight stomach cramping, tiredness, and nausea. This is a sign your body is detoxing. Most people experience this the first 3-4 days of the detox. You could also experience some initial diarrhea instead of full stools. The bowels will eventually gain tone and health to move this stage. You may also experience a boost in libido, energy, sound sleep, and improved mood, especially after 10-14 days. During weeks three and four you will experience the majority of your healing and weight loss. Using the sauna as much as possible helps to eliminate toxins which will help to alleviate the symptoms caused by detoxification.

Why is the herbal detox so bitter? Can I add anything to help with the bitter taste?

Bitter herbs detoxify the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system so it is an important part of the healing process. Most people have immature taste buds because they tend to only eat sweet, salty, and fatty foods then avoid all bitter foods. Unfortunately, nothing can be added to buffer the taste, however, you can suck on orange slices after taking a sip.

Can the Parasite Candida Cleanse and Tummy Teatox be mixed together?


Can I breastfeed while detoxing?

No. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you cannot detox. Detoxing would allow toxins to be released in the blood where they could get into the placenta or breast milk before being eliminated.

Does your body continue to cleanse after the detox is complete?

Yes. If you maintain a plant-based lifestyle and regular exercise regimen afterward.

Is it normal to develop  acne while detoxing?

Yes. The skin is one of the top elimination routes for toxins, mucus, and bacteria. Once your begin detoxing it is possible for you to develop temporary acne that goes away.

Can you drink the detox all at once?

No. It is not recommended that you drink the detox all at once. Drink in small gulps throughout the day.

Can this detox help with  fibroids?

Yes. Several clients have reported a reduction in the size of fibroids, improved penetration, and decreased pain and bleeding as a result of the detox.

Do you recommend taking supplements while detoxing?

Unless you have a known deficiency it is unnecessary to take supplements while detoxing. All the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and trace elements can be found in a plant-based diet and the herbs used in the detox.

Will this detox help with yeast and fungal infections?

Yes. The Parasite Candida Cleanse is very effective at eliminating fungal infections when a plant-based diet is embraced.

What do you recommend clients do once the detox is complete?

Maintain a plant-based lifestyle, exercise, stay hydrated and get more vegucation. Then detox again in 3-4 months.

Is mild stomach cramping normal during the detox?

Yes. The herbs used in the herbal blends stimulate the gut to eliminate waste and gas. This can cause some mild stomach cramping.

Is diarrhea normal during the detox?

Yes. As your gastrointestinal plumbing begins to become unclogged you could initially experience some diarrhea, but it shouldn’t last longer than three consecutive days.

What plant-based protein do you recommend for green smoothies?

I recommend hemp powder. You can also eat chickpeas and lentils.

Will this detox help with Crohn's disease, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, other GI disorders?

Yes. Clients with gastrointestinal issues have reported major benefits from completing the detox.

Is it ok to modify the amount of herbs drank daily?


What is the recommended diet during the detox?

Plant-based and preferable raw vegan. Reading Vegucation Over Medication is an excellent source for which foods, in particular, are recommended.

Can this detox be helpful with diabetes and high blood pressure?

Yes, several clients have reported major improvements in their blood sugars and blood pressure as a result of the detox.

Are there any other foods you don’t recommend besides meat, dairy, and processed foods?

I would also recommend eliminating all wheat and grains, processed sugars, and oils with the exception of coconut of oil.

Can I only use one of the herbal infusions and discard the other?

I do not recommend using only one of the herbal infusions in order to get the maximum benefits. However, it is not restricted.

Is your book helpful to read your book during the detox?

Yes. It provides the why, how, and what you should be eating.

Can I start the detox right away or is there suggested preparation before beginning?

No preparation is necessary, however, hydrating the day before and adopting a plant-based vegan diet the week before the detox is helpful if you’re not already plant-based.

What should I do when I feel tired during the detox?

Listen to your body and rest as much as possible. Many times the feeling of fatigue is a sign toxins are being removed for the tissues and released from the body. So take the time to allow your body to rest to increase the elimination.

Can I exercise and train during the detox?

Absolutely. I highly recommend exercising during the detox to help increase elimination of toxins. However, whenever you feel fatigued please listen to your body and rest.

Can you complete the detox if you're on medication?

Yes, many clients complete the detox who were on medication. However, please consult your primary physician if you have questions or concerns.