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  • Alkaline Vegan Holiday Recipes eBook
  • Dr. Bobby's Healing Recipes and Remedies eBook
  • Vegucation Over Medication eBook

Alkaline Vegan Holiday Recipes eBook

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It’s been over a decade since I transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle, and my chef skills and traditions around food, nutrition, and nourishment have evolved along my journey.

Food is always at the centerpiece of our celebrations, rituals, ceremonies, and especially holidays. The holidays are by far the most difficult times for those who want to eat healthy to celebrate with their friends and families because there's usually no viable options.

My "Alkaline Vegan Holiday Recipes" cookbook is the perfect solution. Your family members will not only believe how amazing everything taste, you'll struggle to keep food for yourself. 

In addition to traditional African American recipes I thought it take celebrating the holidays to another level by including some traditional West African recipes in the book. This way we can celebrate our heritage as a family when we come together since many of us can trace our lineage back to West African countries. 

Here's Just A Few of The Recipes:

  • Southern Fried M'icken (fried chicken replacement)
  • Canied Yammy's (candied yams)
  • Mac N' Yeezy
  • Mash and Mushroom Gravy
  • Spicy Greens
  • Jalapeno "Cornless" Cornbread
  • Pull BBQ M'icken
  • Nigerian Okra Stew
  • Egusi Soup
  • Fufu
  • Electric Cheesecake

Every ingredient from whole foods, but still nutritious and delicious. The perfect recipe book to put smiles your family's face about eating good and tasting good at the same time. So suprisingly tasty you just might inspire them to get on the health wagon with you!

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Dr. Bobby's Healing Recipes and Remedies

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One of the biggest hurdles to transitioning and embracing healthier food choices is figuring out how do we make nutritious food delicious. Well, look no further!  This book is the perfect solution to that problem!


This is a collection of recipes and remedies collected from elders, adapted through experience, and inspired by visiting hundreds of restaurants and healing centers around the world.


This isn’t your typical vegan cookbook. The foundation of these recipes are based on superior ingredients to achieve superior health while at the same time creating a euphoric explosion of flavor with every bite. The remedies are reminiscent of your grandmother’s medicine cabinet straight from the garden or your local herbalist’s secret healing modalities.


Enjoy OVER 70 PAGES of recipes, remedies, and hidden gems for transitioning to a healthier lifestyle and becoming the healthiest version of yourself. These recipes are an upgraded version of the recipes that I’ve received hundreds of testimonials from people around the world who have completed my 30-Day Group Detox and reversed conditions and reclaimed their health.


Stop treating your health like an option and make it a priority now. By adding this book to your arsenal, you essentially get the recipe for supreme health and a roadmap for preventing disease.


What You Get:

  • Transitioning tips
  • Shopping list
  • Breakfast recipes 
  • Lunch recipes 
  • Dinner recipes
  • Healthy snacks
  • Juices and smoothie recipes 
  • And so much more!!!


Vegucation Over Medication eBook

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The idea that the only solution to health concerns is chemical medications, surgeries, and other modern methods, is quickly falling from grace.  Few understand this more deeply and completely than Holistic ReEngineer Dr. Bobby Price, a holistic pharmacist and certified plant-based nutritionist, world-traveler, and author.  Seeking answers for many of the modern world's ever amplifying health problems, Dr. Price recently completed a four-year quest living and traveling around the world studying the most effective, proven methods of herbalists, botanists, shamans, and even spiritual gurus. Now hoping to share this life-changing, empowering knowledge with as many people as possible, Dr. Price recently announced the release of his new book, “Vegucation Over Medication: The Myths, Lies, And Truths About Modern Foods And Medicines”, to quick praise.  Both paperback and Kindle versions are available on Amazon.com.

“Health is the greatest form of wealth,” commented the clearly passionate Dr. Price.  “With it, anything is possible; without it, nothing is.”

According to Dr. Price, the new book is a powerful, fact and real-life results-based work that takes no prisoners as it exposes the myths, lies, and truths about modern foods and medicines.  Dr. Price shows in a very convincing way that when most people get themselves synchronized with nature, the body can display an astonishing ability to heal. And this healing comes free from the side-effects of dangerous and addictive drugs and chemicals that are such a big part of the mainstream health and medical industry.

“Vegucation Over Medication: The Myths, Lies, And Truths About Modern Foods and Medicines” puts its focus on actionable information that's simple to put into place and delivers a huge return on investment as the Standard American Diet (SAD) is left behind.  The book is very much a user's manual to cleansing, nourishing, and reclaiming vibrant health.


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