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The idea that the only solution to health concerns is chemical medications, surgeries, and other modern methods, is quickly falling from grace.  Few understand this more deeply and completely than Holistic ReEngineer Dr. Bobby Price, a holistic pharmacist and certified plant-based nutritionist, world-traveler, and author.  Seeking answers for many of the modern world's ever amplifying health problems, Dr. Price recently completed a four-year quest living and traveling around the world studying the most effective, proven methods of herbalists, botanists, shamans, and even spiritual gurus. Now hoping to share this life-changing, empowering knowledge with as many people as possible, Dr. Price recently announced the release of his new book, “Vegucation Over Medication: The Myths, Lies, And Truths About Modern Foods And Medicines”, to quick praise.  Both paperback and Kindle versions are available on

“Health is the greatest form of wealth,” commented the clearly passionate Dr. Price.  “With it, anything is possible; without it, nothing is.”

According to Dr. Price, the new book is a powerful, fact and real-life results-based work that takes no prisoners as it exposes the myths, lies, and truths about modern foods and medicines.  Dr. Price shows in a very convincing way that when most people get themselves synchronized with nature, the body can display an astonishing ability to heal. And this healing comes free from the side-effects of dangerous and addictive drugs and chemicals that are such a big part of the mainstream health and medical industry.

“Vegucation Over Medication: The Myths, Lies, And Truths About Modern Foods and Medicines” puts its focus on actionable information that's simple to put into place and delivers a huge return on investment as the Standard American Diet (SAD) is left behind.  The book is very much a user's manual to cleansing, nourishing, and reclaiming vibrant health.


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