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New Years Group Detox Alumni

New Years Group Detox Alumni

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Greetings Detox Alumni!

I wanted to create something special for my next Group Detox to show some love to my Detox Alumnus. It's seasoned detoxers, like yourself, that has truly make Group Detox experience what it is. Encouraging the newcomers and giving them tips along the journey to get them through the beginning. So far we've helped people lose hundreds of pounds, reverse diabetes, lower blood pressure to normal, glow up skin tones, and even more!

So I've decided that all Group Detox Alumn will be able to participate in the group detox at a discounted rate of $150. I will be adding more recipes during the next detox and also doing more giving you guys some other special treats.


This Group Detox begins on January 6th, 2020!