14-Day Herbal Cleanse

14-Day Herbal Cleanse

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Parasite Candida and Tummy TeaTox Herbal Blend 

During the detox, you should avoid all meat, dairy, and processed foods. These organic wildcrafted herbs are designed to target parasites, candida and rebuild gut integrity. During the cleanse you would have to maintain a strict plant-based vegan diet or preferably eat raw for the best results.

The benefits often address skin issues, gas, bloating, belly fat, fatigue, cravings, improves digestion and rids your body of unwanted critters.


During the detox refrain from eating meat, dairy, and all processed foods. The focus will be shifted to eating a plant-based diet that consists primarily of green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. This is in and of itself is detoxifying, so will be an aid to the herbal cleanse. It’s extremely important to refrain from the before mentioned foods during the detox to allow the body to cleanse itself. However, because of the quality of these foods, you can eat as much as you want without with restriction. Please remember to be cautious of things like unhealthy salad dressing. For the absolute best results adopt a plant-based raw diet.


Add 2 FLAT tablespoons (do not use a measuring tablespoon they are more accurate for liquids than solids) of each herbal blend into separate quart-sized (32 oz.) glass jars or stainless steel containers. To ensure it is a flat tablespoon run your finger across the top edge of the spoon to get an accurate measurement. Bring 64 ounces of natural spring water to a boil, then carefully pour 32 oz. over into each container with the herbs (so you drink 64 ounces of herbal tea daily). Seal the container immediately and allow the infusion to steep for a minimum of 6 hours or preferably overnight before straining. Begin drinking the infusion first thing in the morning. Drink the two teas separately, and either 30 minutes before or one hour after eating. Finish both herbal infusions by 5:00 PM each day.

What you’ll need:

- Two quart-sized glass mason jars

- Two herb balls to place your herbs in

- Natural spring water

- Pot or tea kettle


The herbal infusion is very bitter. However, bitters herbs cleanse the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system so it’s an important part of the healing process. Because most of us have immature taste buds we tend to avoid all foods that have a bitter taste, yet these are the foods that most healing. Unfortunately, nothing can be added to the infusion. I suggest placing the infusion in the refrigerator after it cools overnight and drinking it with a straw. You suck on orange slices afterward to buffer the taste. DO NOT allow the bitter taste to get in the way of your journey towards wellness.


During the first week of the cleanse you may experience a dull headache, mild nausea, and stomach cramping. This is a signal that the detoxification process has begun. As toxins are released from the tissues and fat cells into the blood this is what causes the temporary discomfort. Typically this only last the first 2-3 days and can return briefly later in the detox. I recommend drinking water with lime, walking, and the sauna. This will help remove the toxins and alleviate the symptoms. You will almost notice an increase in bowel movements and urination. Some participants have experienced up to 7 bowel movements in a day. Keep in mind it will be more of an urge to have a bowel movement and not an emergency so you shouldn't have any issues making it to the bathroom or problems at work. Should you experience a breakout, itching, or a small rash this is just toxins being removed through the skin. The first week is primarily detoxification: the removal of toxins, fecal waste, and heavy metals. The second week is primarily cleansing, the third week most people will experience a boost in energy, and the fourth-week healing begins.


It is not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing. Not because of the herbs, but because the blend causes the body to release toxins into the bloodstream that could possibly travel to the placenta or breast milk. Consult with your physician if you have specific questions about your medical issues.